The Probe Group Mauritius


Probenergy Mauritius offers high quality yet affordable power solutions for a wide range of applications, including automotive, solar, back-up solutions, UPS, industrial, marine and telecommunications.

Backed by battery and rotating electrics leader the Probe Corporation, our maintenance-free range of automotive batteries for retail and wholesale cannot be beaten.  

We offer fitment services all over the island to ensure that you are back on the road again quickly.

The Probenergy range also includes inverters, solar kits, solar design software, energy metering technologies and next-generation battery chargers and boosters.

We are focused on offering the range, expertise and advice that both business and domestic users need to revolutionise their energy sources.

Due to the volatility and consistent increases in the cost of electricity in Mauritius, we have added the unique Max-Li Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFeP04) to the Probenergy range. In addition to a long lifespan and the ability to deep cycle while maintaining power, it offers an intelligent on-board BMS system able to communicate with most reputable inverters. It is also possible to manufacture any configuration of these batteries for specific needs. The Max-Li LiFeP04 battery is yet another great addition to Probe’s trusted automotive, multipurpose, and deep cycle battery technologies. 

As part of our Probenergy product offering, we have developed a PARTNER PROGRAMME geared for businesses looking to engage in the renewable energy space.  With Probenergy engineering support, we are able to assist you in taking an educated approach to intelligent energy design and application.  We use a wide variety of smart energy audit and solar sizing tools to help you achieve the best possible solution for you and your customers.