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Car Battery 54558- 40A

Probe Nr:618PS
European Nr:54558

Battery Specifications:

Maintenance Free
Voltage : 12V
Technology : Lead Acid Battery
Colour: Black
Capacity (Ah): 40 Ah
Reserve Capacity (Minutes): 60 min
Material : Polypropylene (PP)
18°C Cold Cranking (A) : 300 A
BCI Group: 99R
Recommended Torque: 8 – 10 N.m

Battery Dimensions:

Height: 175 mm
Length: 207 mm
Width: 175 mm

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Our series of cycling batteries offers a complete range of multipurpose and deep cycle batteries for all commercial and industrial applications, namely: marine, uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), solar, camping, backup power and for telecommunication stations and energy lighting. Our batteries include lead calcium, tubular, AGM, GEL, Lithium Ion Phosphate and Zinc Bromide technologies that cater for various deep cycle applications.

Current Product specifications:

Probe Nr:618PS

European Nr:54558

C20 :40 Ah


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