The Probe Group Mauritius

Heavy vehicle battery 62527 – 125A

Probe Nr:683PS
European Nr:62527

Battery Specifications:

Maintenance Free
Voltage : 12V
Technology : Lead Acid Battery
Colour: Black
Capacity (Ah): 125 Ah
Reserve Capacity (Minutes): 200 min
Material : Polypropylene (PP)
18°C Cold Cranking (A) : 800 A
BCI Group: –
Recommended Torque: 8 – 10 N.m

Battery Dimensions:

Height: 219 mm
Length: 512 mm
Width: 189 mm

Our maintenance vehicle and truck batteries deliver high quality, industrial performance. Probe Plus heavy duty batteries have been the first choice for auto technicians since 1963.

Whether you have a bus, earth moving equipment, or a large truck, you need a dependable heavy duty battery that you can trust XD performance range that we offer both 12-month and 24-month warranties. Please see our warranty matrix.

Our sealed lead calcium batteries are heavy duty batteries and adhere to international standards and our enhanced technology means that your battery requires no maintenance.

Our heavy duty batteries are heat and vibration resistant to insure for extra durability, longevity and performance.

There is a charge indicator gauge at the top of each maintenance-free battery to indicate the state of charge.

The true Fit & Forget truck battery.

Current Product specifications:

Probe Nr:683PS

European Nr:62527

C20 :125 Ah